Private label coffee pads that meet the highest standards

Beyers Koffie offers a wide range of quality coffee pads at the most competitive prices. We keep investing, improving and modernising our production to meet your demands.

We offer you:

  • High-speed production lines that deliver your pads in bulk, and at the most economical prices
  • Opportunities for promotional and high-volume (XXL) packaging
  • PLA paper pads, making the coffee pad compostable
  • Mono-material foil (aluminium-free) making the foil ready to be recycled
  • Options for advanced sustainable efforts such as CO2-neutral, traceability through Farmer Connect, and much more
Coffee pads

Sustainable coffee pads

We offer you two types of filter paper for your quality coffee pads:

Regular filter paper:

  • Best value for your money
  • No limitations
  • Diamond structure for better extraction

Compostable filter paper:

  • The sustainable alternative
  • Certified industrial compostable
  • Contains PLA fibres