Beyers Ground coffee

Expertly grinding coffee to your taste

The blend masters at Beyers Koffie carefully select the best beans for your ground coffee. We will put together quality coffees from all over the world, to achieve the flavour you want.

We closely monitor different parameters such as roasting profile and granulometry to assure you the best result in your cup.

Do you like the taste of a specific origin? Then we start sourcing and roasting that coffee to perfection.

Personalised coffee packaging solutions

We offer you ground coffee with a wide variety of packaging options. Most are available in sustainable materials. Besides the regular aluminium-based foil, we also offer an aluminium-free foil, which is fully recyclable.
Soft pack

Soft pack

1kg, 500gr, 250gr, 340gr, 227gr

Vacuum packs


250gr, 500gr