Fortisimo™ is our fancy label that is immediately available for you in your market. Think affordable, yet with guaranteed delivery of a great coffee in your cup.

Fortisimo benefits from our years and years of expertise in coffee roasting, blending our selected beans into the most balanced coffees for you to enjoy. We have a wide variety of types in store for you, ready to pick the one that fits your needs the best: Beans, Pads, Nespresso®- and Dolce Gusto® compatible capsules.

Responsible entrepreneurship sits at the heart of everything we do, we want to make every cup of coffee a sustainable one. Therefore, the Fortisimo™ coffees are roasted CO2-neutral. We reduce the emissions where we can, and where we can’t we compensate by investing in climate-friendly projects. Moreover, these coffees are sourced CO2-neutral and they are Rainforest Alliance labelled.

Fortisimo Nespresso® compatible capsules

Nespresso® compatible capsules

Available in plastic and aluminium, the Nespresso® compatible capsules of Fortisimo will offer you a magnificent coffee break. There are packs of 10 and 50 capsules available with each a number of different flavour profiles in its range.

Fortisimo™'s Dolce Gusto® compatible capsules

Dolce Gusto® compatible capsules

We pack our coffees in the most qualitative solutions for our fancy label coffee brand. Also, the Dolce Gusto® compatible capsules which we use, meet the highest quality standards, guaranteeing perfect functionality and freshness. We have packs of 16 and 30 capsules in store for you with a great selection of different coffees for you to explore.

Fortisimo beans


Whole beans, roasted to perfection, have been a part of the Fortisimo™ assortment for many years. Discover our 1KG bags full of flavor, ready for you to grind and brew a perfect cup of coffee.

Fortisimo Pads

Senseo® compatible pads

If an economy-sized pack of Senseo® compatible pads is what you are looking for, Fortisimo™ will surely be a wise choice to go for. With two references available in a packaging of 100 pads, Strong and Regular, you are sure to have the most popular flavour profiles in-house.

Fortisimo assortment overview

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Fortisimo catalogue